What we do?

Optical Mapping

Optical Mapping is a technique for visualize and processing electrical activities of tissue without contact.

Data Acquisition

The heart of a research lab is DAQ system. Our company developed various DAQ systems from electro-physiology to civil engineering.

Lab Equipments

From Langendorff heart model system to heat conduction lab equipments, our company has presented solutions.


Special and custom-made hardware design in electronic and mechanic fields are our unique interdisciplinary feature.


Comprehensive solutions in the Industrial Internet of Things field based on costumer needs and budget has been designed and implemented in our company.


One of the most unique feature of our company is Invention and Innovation in solutions. Five national Patent and one US Provisional Application is in our resume until today.


We believe in today competitive economy, there is no need to reinvent wheel. So we try to integrate various solution to bring our customers unique comprehensive solution.


Practical and effective resource management based on inventive solution has done in our company to bring our costumer highly efficient products and services.


One of the most useful abilities of our company is software development, specially scientific programming to realize R&D needs and dreams.

Selected Project

This system has been designed, produced and programmed for the first time in MENA in our company. Optical Mapping is a technique for visualize potential field in tissues without any electrode and contact and specially in large area. Actually by using Optical Mapping researchers could map action potential and intracellular calcium concentration of for example a array of 100x100-super-pixel . This system is produced based on needs and requirements of Ischemic Research Lab of Golestan University of Medical Science.

The News

The Company has qualified as knowledge based

Based on one of the hi-tech products of the company entitled "Optical Mapping", We selected as a knowledge based company by the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology in Iran.

Participation in 3rd international stem cell exhibition

The company accepted for participation in 3rd international stem cell and regenerative medicine conference exhibition held by stem cell committee of Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology of Iran at The Headquarters of The Islamic Summit Place in 28-30 Nov 2018.

Participation in 2nd Domestic Biology Industries

The Company has been presented our latest products in the 2nd domestic biology industries held by Iran Ministry of Health and Medical Education in Tehran International Exhibition Center in 31-Nov to 2-Dec 2018.

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